Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Spiderman, spiderman, does whatever a spider can...and a bit of phwoar!

So today I went to my new gym. It seems quite funky, and is pretty cheap for gym memberships and the best bit is you aren't tied in for a year. They have loads of machines and all the latest stuff like kettlebells, punchbags, eliptical machines... (Do I sound like I know what I am talking about?...... Good because I don't.)

I mainly want to go for classes and am considering getting a personal trainer on a monthly basis to set me a programme. I feel very fit and important saying that.

It seems very much a 'beautiful people' type of place so I fit in very well....haha. Normally I would be quite intimidated by a place like this as I am a) not very brave and b) very self conscious. But you know what? I think I am past caring. I am at an age where I feel like, you know what, I have as much right to be there as anyone and who actually cares about insignificant me anyway?...

SO I decided to do this class called "TRX Bodyweb". Sounded about as scarey as I could imagine, here is the blurb:

"Hang from the durable RIP:60™ ropes to push, pull, lift and lower your body through Spiderman like moves for a total body suspension workout that also super-strengthens your core."


Yes, in for a penny in for a pound I say.

So I timidly tiptoe in five minutes before the class begins. Trying to look both very small and insignificant, while also very fit and muscular, neither of which I can pull off, but nevermind, I try to look like I belong there.. ahem...

Let me just say at this point, this is a pretty BIG deal for me as I am a) not very brave and b) very self conscious.. oh yeah, I already said that...

Ok anyway. So I am standing there waiting for the class to start and a few people trickle in and this guy standing next to me asks me if I have done this class before. I look up and notice he is rather easy on the eye. I am a little taken aback as easy-on-the-eye guys don't usually speak to me (other than my husband of course ;-)).  Aaaaanyway... I smile and stammer...I mean say, "No, and actually I'm a little terrified" at which point he laughs and says him too...and I think wistfully that this NEVER used to happen when I was young and single. Turns out he is the class instructer and so has to talk to me as part of his job anyway haha.

Anyway the class starts and it appears we are to use these rope things on pulleys hanging from the ceiling to use our own body weight to do all these moves.




Is all I can say. B*gger me it was hard. Five minutes in and I am red as a beetroot, thinking, thank god I am not single and on the pull. But I give it my all.

Ten minutes in I am starting to wonder why I decided this was a good idea and fifteen minutes in I am about to die.

Just when I think I will pass out we have to flip over, putting our feet in the pulleys. Um... yeah. So I am on hands and knees with my feet hanging into these rope things and we have to do this move where we bring our knees into our chest and back again. Sort of like a plank suspended in mid air combined with stomach crunches upside down..

And all I can think is, I feel like I am in some kind of sex contraption... ahem... and because I am oh so mature, I get the giggles. Just for the record, it is impossible to concentrate on doing upsidedown stomach crunch plank moves with your legs tied up and giggle at the same time so I ended up in a bit of a tangle.

Anyway the torture, I mean class ended after half an hour and I tried to walk out with grace and dignity but they didn't want to walk with me as my legs were like jelly. I mean literally, I could barely walk. So I manage to get myself out of the room, find the stretching area and flop I mean sit down on a mat and pretend to stretch (so that I can recover enough to get myself to the changing room).

Next thing I know, hot instructor comes over and asks me whether I enjoyed the class. I am beyond red, puce in the face, more than a little 'glowing' with sweat and all I can manage is a grin and a sort of nod.

Needless to say

I will DEFINITELY be going again next week as it was fan bl00dy tastic.

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  1. This class needs to hit the uk - complete with fit instructor! I have upgraded to nivarna for a couple of months swimming..and mabe some relaxing time too! Good to have you back!