Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Gettin jiggly with it....

Last year I joined some dancing classes. I love them. It is the best thing I ever did. (Well maybe after getting married, having children and a few other things). I used to do dancing when I was little, like a lot of little girls. Then like a lot of teenagers, I decided I was too busy pretending to kiss boys and talking on the phone so I gave it up... silly me.
As an adult I really missed dancing and got my fix whenever I went clubbing. Then I got too old and tired for clubbing. Every once in a while I would google "adult dance classes" and then get completely scared and intimidated (and not just because of some of the 'adult' content that would result from such a search) and decide I would lose weight first so that I could burst into lessons and wow everyone with my svelte physique and hot dance yes...Anyway of course I never lost much weight and still I yearned for the dance classes...
So last year I took a deep breath and phoned a local dance school. I bit the bullet and went along to try all three...ballet (yes hippo in a tutu), tap (no falling in the sink jokes please) and hip hop funky jazz (if you think its a mouthful to say, you should see some of the moves...) So the classes were great and I wasn't even the oldest or chunkiest there...yes that is the kind of supportive, friendly gal I am...checking out the competition in the elderly and large stakes...everyone was
so friendly, supportive and normal!
Like I said... best thing I ever did ish. Anyway there I was step ball changing away to my heart's content when they mentioned...The SHOW...All the pretty little girls and long legged teenagers get a chance at the end of the year to showcase their so do the grown-ups...sigh...So we practiced and practiced and practiced and I did it...and yes I probably did look like an extra from Fantasia, (I am yet to see the DVD.. oh yes there is cinematographic evidence) and yes I had to have the largest available costume....but I did it... and it was soo much fun!! But I
decided one thing. By this year's concert I am going to be 3 dress sizes smaller. So that I can wear the medium costumes and won't need to sew in an extra panel of material to fit the skirt around my waist (I will have a waist!)

What's more I want to go into one of those dancewear shops and buy those cool floaty funky dance outfits to wear to classes and pretend I am on the set of Fame and right now there wouldn't be much extra material to float if you get my meaning... So here I am...I am doing Weight Watchers, (again!) counting my points, but this time it is different. I feel different to any other time I have tried to lose weight (about every year for the last 20 years). I am into it. I am motivated and I have a goal.

Sometimes you just have to step out of your comfort zone and just get stuck in. Also there is nothing more motivating than lumbering behind graceful skinny young women facing a wall full of mirrors and watching your stomach jiggling with every move. Oh yes aaaand those three classes each week earn me 12-15 extra points and it doesn't feel like exercise! So if there is something you are thinking of trying, I would say GO for it!
My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner.

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