Sunday, 25 March 2012

Who was I trying to kid?

I have had an amazing realisation.....

To some it may sound like stating the completely obvious, but for me it has been life changing....

Are you ready for this astounding, catalystic (is that a word?) epiphany?

Well it is this: in order to lose weight you have to suffer some discomfort.

Yes that is it...Not really that gobsmacking is it? But accepting this, embracing this, has really changed the way I see weight loss. You have to feel a bit hungry. (Wow!) For exercise to really work you have to break a sweat. (You are kidding!) Have you seen The Biggest Loser? They work them into the ground and starve them. That is why they get such great results. It is agony. Now I neither wish nor need to lose 6 kg in a week although it would be fantastic but I have actually learned something from this somewhat addictive programme.

I used to whinge and moan and feel hard done by that poor little me had to go on a diet and couldn't eat whatever I wanted to eat. I saw exercise as a chore and didn't really put much effort in. Of course my efforts saw little results. You get back what you put in. Why was I so afraid of being hungry? Its wasn't even like absolutely starving, haven't had a meal for 3 days hungry. Just a little peckish. Yet I couldn't bear the thought of it.

Why did I think exercise was really easy for thin, fit people but tormentuously difficult for me? Marathon runners are fit and thin but it hurts when they train. They get tired and out of breath too. It's about time I face up to the fact that if I want results I have to EARN them. No one is going to hand me weight loss on a plate, there is no easy simple quick solution, no matter how much it costs. Now that my mindset has clicked into this I am wondering what all the fuss and tantrums were about. I was kidding myself and making it so much harder, expecting it to be easy.

So this is truly IT once and for all. I will never do this again...because I won't have to. This time it is (I am) going to work.

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